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This Wonder Woman Cosplayer Is A BAMF


Meet Panterona, a cosplayer from Trinidad and Tobago who caused me so say “Whoa DAMN!” the second I saw her Wonder Woman cosplay.

She made the costume based on the the BvS Wonder Woman but decided to brighten the colors to suit her skin tone, which makes the costume look better overall in my opinion. The corset is made from EVA foam, the armor is black Worbla, and the skirt is hand dyed-leather.

Not only does she have an amazing location for this shoot, photographers Gk Studios and Guru Kast did a great job capturing the fierceness.

She also has a picture of a Queen of the Damned Akasha that’s just incredible, so I dropped that in here as well. Check it all out below.

Cosplay is for everyone. Don't ever let them tell you that you can't be anything you want to be! #weareallwonderwomen

A photo posted by Panterona (@panteronacosplay) on

I sooo want a lil army of munchkin wondergirls to take over the world with!! #wonderwoman #bvs #dawnofjustice

A photo posted by Panterona (@panteronacosplay) on


A photo posted by Panterona (@panteronacosplay) on

AKASHA!! #queenofthedamned #annerice #vampirechronicles

A photo posted by Panterona (@panteronacosplay) on

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