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Wolverine Look-alike Comes To The Rescue After An Explosion

Twenty-two year old Ricardo Fuentes was at work late on the evening of Thursday, January 31. He works at Pemex’s headquarters (a petroleum company) in Mexico and as he was heading to the main tower of the complex, an explosion pushed him towards the door. Most people ran away from the site, but Fuentes went towards the collapsing tower to help—even though he lacked the healing powers of his doppelgänger.

From El Dario:

I felt the blast, I fell down and saw other coworkers lying on the floor too. I think that, like everyone, you freeze in these situations and then, when you start seeing other people running away you think “shall I escape too or go help?

I wasn’t prepared for it, but all my coworkers are great people and we always shared the vision that nobody should be left behind. Either we all go out or nobody leaves, which is the most important blessing that an oil rig man can have.

Unfortunately, 37 lives were still lost. Fuentes did all he could to help get injured people out of the explosion site.

Fuentes may not be an exact match for Wolverine, but he does have the hair and the jacket. His friends have teased him about looking like Logan since high school, and he says his co-workers think his hair looks like horns sometimes. Regardless of the closeness of the resemblance, he’s a hero.

See a photo from the scene after the break.

(El Diario via Gizmodo)


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