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Wolverine Is Twice As Dangerous With Electric Claws [Video]

Wolverine with electrified claws is like a gun that fires chainsaws. It’s overkill—literally. Still, the Hacksmith couldn’t resist making the claws a reality.

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To create a sparking effect better than the original CGI in X-Men Origins, a car battery was connected to the claws, positive on one claw, negative on the other. When connecting the claws together, the car battery is short-circuited, resulting in big sparks! These sparks can draw anywhere from 200-300A, which the car battery can safely provide (rated for over 1000A cranking).

The sparks are actually tiny bits of superheated metal coming from the claws – so the effect does slightly damage the props. Basically, the claws are acting like a resistor – becoming red hot, melting, and shooting little bits of molten metal away at high-speed for a glorious effect.

(via io9)

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