With Over 100,000 Rhinestones, This Elsa Cosplay Is Beyond Dazzling

elsa cosplay

Cosplayer Angela Clayton has dedicated 250 hours and over 100,000 rhinestones to this gorgeous Elsa costume.

She’s created it all, from the initial drawing to the styling of the wig. However, it’s not meant to be an exact match to the film.

As Angela explained on her blog:

I must admit that this costume isn’t entirely accurate to what you see in the movie, I changed certain things and slightly altered others. My focus was on making a costume I felt did the title of “Snow Queen” justice, more so then accurately recreating the one she wore.

The skirt is a silk chiffon with metallic threads of silver woven through, and it’s lined with powder blue peachskin. The bodice is two layers of kona cotton, with plastic boning sewn between them. The bodice was covered with canvas squares, cotton, paint and rhinestones in an attempt to create an accurate texture. Both the bodice and skirt lace up the back. The cape (or train) and undershirt are made from eleven yards of stretch mesh and embellished with over one hundred thousand rhinestones.

Head after the break for more pictures…

elsa cosplay 2

elsa cosplay 4

Head on over to her blog for a detailed tutorial on the making of this beauty.

(via Adafruit)


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