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The Complete #WEWANTWIDOW International Cosplay Flash Mob Photo Highlights


(image: Autumn Wheelock)

The #WEWANTWIDOW international cosplay flash mob was a huge success. Fans from 16 cities participated in the event, dressing in black and red while holding signs intended to promote the idea that Black Widow should have more exposure in movies and in merchandise. Participants started posting pictures online with the hash tag and social media users began to follow and share. At one point the hash tag was even trending:


The Black Widow cosplay event inspired others to join in too. Suddenly tons of cosplayers and fans got into Black Widow attire and starting posting their pictures to share and show support. And in Tennessee, where we didn’t have a scheduled flash mob, fans got so inspired that two mobs appeared at both Fanboy Con in Knoxville and Memphis Con!

Our main goal was to bring awareness to the fact that Black Widow, and female superheroines in general, should be more visible on screen and in stores. By promoting her image as loudly as we could with a multi-city flash mob event, I think we nailed it. I hope that this is the beginning of a more inclusive superhero universe for future movies and merchandise. I hope that the companies making awesome movies and fantastic toys and clothes realize that they can do even more because they have a bigger demographic than they originally thought.

Check out the photos of the amazing cosplayers, supporters, and artwork after the break.

Drumroll please….

Boise – Captain Catherine Kyle

“#WeWantWidow isn’t just about wanting a cool movie or toys and to me, it’s not even about Black Widow alone–it’s about the equal representation of women as lead protagonists in mainstream media. Pop culture affects people’s attitudes toward women and girls.”

Cosplayers: Catherine Kyle, Rachel Reinenauer

Photography: Zack Kyle



Boston – Captain Juli Mayers

Cosplayers: Juli Mayers, Amanda Wessel



Chicago – Captain Keisha Howard

Cosplayers: Sugar Gamers



D.C. – Captain Belle Bredehoft:

“#WeWantWidow is the beginning of getting more female Heroes in leading roles.”

Cosplayers: Belle Bredehoft, Tommy Starr, Ashley Mills, Marc Lutz, Brittany Matter, Amanda Gleason, Patrick Michael Strange

Photography: Harry Crosland




Detroit – Captain Kelly Kirstein

Cosplayers: Kelly Kirstein


Las Vegas – Captain Jennifer Williams 

“It’s 2015, not 1955. #WeWantWidow”

Cosplayer: Jennifer Williams


Minneapolis – Captain Priscilla Crocker

Cosplayer: Priscilla Crocker


NYC – Captain Autumn Wheelock

“#WeWantWidow was a chance to make our voices heard; for women, for girls, and for everyone who believes Natasha deserves better. Black Widow is *a hero*, and we won’t be quiet while she is overlooked.”

Andrea Levine:

“I love Natasha and would love to see her stop being screwed over repeatedly. I want to buy merchandise with her on it, but #WeWantWidow is not just about that. It’s about representation. People don’t want to admit it, but pop culture influences everything we do including our attitudes toward females.”

Cosplayers: Autumn Wheelock, Maggie Klimentova, Tea Berry-Blue, Jen Silverman, Christine Luz Rivas, Panda Luna Valentine, Jenn Wotchertonks, Ali Colluccio, Jess Ronza Startk, Francesca Bayak, Michelle Ann Reznik



Orlando – Captain Tanya Wheelock

“#WeWantWidow isn’t just about Natasha. It’s about all the female heroines – super and civilian – of the Marvel Universe and other popular media getting equal representation.”

Cosplayer: Tanya Wheelock


Ottawa – Captain Sarah Boutcher:

“#WeWantWidow means that I want the chance see a strong woman super hero in all her glory on screens, in stores, as independent without being subjected to stereotypes that come with being “feminine”.”

Cosplayers: Genevieve “The Geek Girl” LeBlanc, Sarah Lacelle, Sarah Thuswaldner, Sarah Boutcher of Indie Red Cosplay, Rebecculous Cosplay

Photographer: Magill Foote of Rule2 Productions




Philly – Captain and Co-Coordinator Jay Justice

Cosplayers: Jay Justice, Jamila Howard

Photographer: Ivan Seeker Sr.



Sacramento – Captain Stephanie Rector ” 

#WeWantWidow because our sisters, daughters and nieces deserve strong, positive female role models.”


Seattle – Captain Jennifer K. Stuller 

“#WeWantWidow isn’t *just* about a movie or merchandise. We want better representation for women and girls — across media — as makers and as heroes. #WeWantWidow because women and girls are heroes too.”

Cosplayers: Jennifer K. Stuller, Jerika Cosplay, Abie Ekenezar, Babs Cosplay, Abi Sue Cosplay, Jerikandra Cosplay

Photos: Ink-StainedAmazon, Bill Hinsee Photography, Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, Glam Bunny



Sydney – Captain Variable


And more awesome online support…


Our honorary captain Bronwyn Kelly took Her Widow out for the day wither her sign.

My #Steampunk Black Widow. Eventually I want to rework the costume. #blackwidow #Marvel #comics #wewantwidow

A photo posted by Aleta Pardalis (@aletapardalis) on

#WeWantWidow #BlackWidow #Marvel #crosplay #crosplayer

A photo posted by Indiana Carter (@indianacarter) on

Other Black Widow supporters decided to just post their Black Widow artwork to show support.


(image: C5 Studio)

(video via CosLove)

And once again, the City Captains are the real heroes for pulling together and making this happen!

Kristin Rielly (Founder & Event Coordinator), Jay Justice (Event Coordinator, Philly), Juli Mayers(Boston), Autumn Wheelock (NYC), Andrea Levine (NYC), Jennifer K. Stuller (Seattle), Theresa Marie Salvador (Tampa), Jennifer Williams (Las Vegas), Belle Bredehoft (D.C.), Tanya Wheelock(Orlando), Sarah Boutcher (Ottawa), Priscilla Crocker (Minneapolis), Kelly Kirstein (Detroit),Keisha Howard (Chicago), Courtney Cuellar (San Diego), John Marcotte (Sacramento), Stephanie Rector (Sacramento), Catherine Kyle (Boise), and Variable (Sydney).

Keep following the tag #WEWANTWIDOW on all the social networks to show support and see too all the amazing photos. And for more photos of the flash mobs, check out the #WEWANTWIDOW photo gallery.

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