Well Done, Target


You may be aware of Target’s recent decision to do away with gender distinctions in their toy section, but it appears that their move towards inclusivity isn’t stopping there.

Jen Spickenagel Kroll noticed this picture of a girl wearing an Elsa costume with crutches in Target’s recent Halloween flyer and had this to say:

I love you. Thank you for including a child with braces and arm crutches into your advertising campaign! And as Elsa, no less! My daughter (with arm crutches and prosthetic legs) is going to FLIP when she sees this! Including children with special needs into advertising makes them less of a spectacle to the general public when they venture out into the real world. Normalizing disabilities in children is PRICELESS.

This isn’t the first time Target has included a child with a disability in an ad. They’ve also worked to revamp their plus-sized clothing line in recent years. So, this is another step in the right direction. Hopefully, other retailers will follow suit.

(via Mashable)


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