Wear An Animal Tail And Control It With Your Mind [Cosplay]

Dressing up like a cat used to mean donning a pair of ears on a headband and painting whiskers onto your face. But oh, how far we’ve come. Not only can you wear ears that you control with your mind, you can get a tail that will wag in response to your mood.

The tail, called Shippo, works with a neuro sensor that reads your mood. Here’s how it appears to work according to CNET:

The tail can recognize two moods: relaxed and concentrating. In relaxed mode, it moves “soft and slow” while in concentrating mode it moves “hard and fast,” according to Neurowear. Happiness seems to drive the tail into a wagging frenzy, if the video is anything to judge by.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

See how the tail works in a video after the break.

(neurowear via Geekologie)


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