This ‘Warhammer 40K’ Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Is A Worbla Masterpiece

Would you believe that this Warhammer 40K Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor costume was Okkido Cosplay‘s first Worbla armor? Apparently, she’s been obsessing over its details since 2015. For example, she recently told Nerdist that one of the Inquisitor’s books is hand written (over 300 pages), and the weapons have working sounds and lights. Take a closer look at this masterpiece below.

The Inquisition has investigated Japanimanga Night in Davos (CH). ? Photo by @onlygreencat

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Head on over to Okkido Cosplay’s Facebook page to check out more pics of the Inquisitor (along with other examples of her amazing work).

Top Photo: greencat


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