Vector Cosplay From Despicable Me Is More Adorable Than You’d Think Possible

despicable me cosplay 1

Vector from Despicable Me probably isn’t on most cosplayers’ lists. He wears a bright orange tracksuit, has a funny hair cut, and then there’s the oversized nose. Cosplayer Shari81 must be up for a challenge though. She’s got the color of the suit just right and she even included the honker and stuffed her shirt to get his paunch just right. It ends up being pretty cute.

Photos by Skimpel, Saedi, and Imagination-HB.

See more shots of the outfit after the break.

despicable me cosplay 2

despicable me cosplay 3

despicable me cosplay 5

despicable me cosplay 4

(via Screen Crush)


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