Unholy Starfleet Princess Leia With Chewbacca Tribble Cosplay

star trek leia

There’s lots of playful (and not so playful) talk about the battle between Star Trek and Star Wars and which is better, but Malicous Cosplay has managed to bring the worlds together in one awesome cosplay.

It’s pretty much a cosplay Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – two great fandoms that cosplay great together when Princess Leia is imagined as a Starfleet officer from classic Star Trek. Ensign Organa in her classic white dress and hairstyle, wields a phaser and a blaster because you can never have too much firepower.

Chewie reimagined as a Tribble is especially awesome.

Head after the break to see more.

star trek leia 2

star trek leia 4

star trek leia 3

star trek leia 5

(via Neatorama)


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