Top Notch ‘Teen Titans’ Group Cosplay


Many thanks to Anna, Grace, and Jon of Ginger Armadillo Costumes for sharing their fantastic Teen Titans group cosplay with us. Anna cosplayed Raven (she also does a mean Harley Quinn), and she told us a bit about the creative process:

Thrift-store pleather jackets and cargo pants served as bases for the gentlemen, heavily altered and decorated with colorful paneling, buckles, studs, hand-cut scales, and piping. A gold-satin-lined cape and foam shoulder armor for Robin, and hand-painted boots and gloves for Beast Boy, complete the outfits. I based Raven’s leotard on a bathing suit pattern, and constructed it from black and slate blue pleather, with a tulle overlay and piping to add dimension. My cape is made from three layers of navy chiffon, and I cast all of my gems from resin using hand-made molds. All of the metal working was done by our Robin, including creating Raven’s belt and cutting Robin’s “R” logo from sheet brass. All three wigs are from Arda Wigs, cut and styled by myself.

Check out more pics below.








Photography by Elite Cosplay

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