Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit Is Powered By… Lego?


It turns out that one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the Marvel universe uses the same sort of software as a toy computer.

Yep, according to computer programmer John Graham-Cumming and his Tumblr “Source Code in Television and Films“, Tony Stark uses the same programming code that powers a Lego robotic toy for his specialized Iron Man suit.

Graham-Cumming spends a good chunk of his free time hunting through famous movies for scenes that depict programming codes. After doing some snooping through the latest Iron Man flicks, he saw that the code looked vaguely familiar.

What the crafty programmer discovered was pretty interesting. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) confirmed his discovery, and posted the following on its Iron Man trivia page:

The code that appears on the computer screen at 34 minutes into the movie is a utility that downloads firmware into Lego robotic toy (called RCX). It may suggest that Tony Stark used this program to download firmware into his robotic suit.

Man, who knew that Lego toys could be so versatile? We should use them to power everything!

(via Gizmodo)


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