Tokyo Has A Rentable Room For Creating Cosplay


Creating fantastic cosplay takes a lot of work and it’s made much easier by having the right tools, but not everyone has a fully stocked sewing room. If you’re in Tokyo, then you’re in luck because CosBox is a room you can rent and it’s full of everything a cosplay maker needs. Four people (of the same sex) can rent the room at a time and they’ll have access to two sewing machines, a serger, mannequins, a supply of threads and a huge table to lay it all out.

Room rental rates start at $102.42 and go up to $187.18 and are divided into day or night time blocks. You can rent it overnight or even for a full 24 hours. There’s a full bathroom as well, so you never have to leave once you get on a roll. Through December 28th they’re running a special where your entire rental is free, so now’s the time to start working on that cosplay. I only wish we had something like this here in the States.

See more pictures after the break.


(ITMedia Inc. via RocketNews24)


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