Three-Legged Kitten Wears Hats And Will Charm Your Pants Off

cat hat

There’s the Dr. Seuss version of the Cat in the Hat, and then there’s a literal cat in a hat. Except it’s hats – plural. Author Adam Ellis recently adopted a kitten named Maxwell, and he only has three legs. No one is positive how he lost one, but he’s here and modeling tiny hats for us now. Ellis decided to craft the bitty accessories for Maxwell out of construction paper for no apparent reason as far as I can tell, but I’m glad he did!

Maxwell has a face meant for hats; they make him about 5,000 times more adorable. He’s got a pirate hat, the Mad Hatter’s hat, Robin Hood’s hat, and many more. I’m impressed by how well the lids seem to be made as well as the fact that Maxwell actually seems to tolerate wearing them.

See more of Maxwell’s collection of lids after the break.

cat in hat 3

cat in hat 1

cat in hat 2

cat in hat 4

cat in hat 6

cat in hat 7

cat in hat 5

(via Happy Place)


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