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This Wonder Woman Costume Design Has Pants, And It Looks Awesome

When people think of Wonder Woman, they usually picture the Lynda Carter style costume: gold diadem, red boots with the white stripe, red top, and the blue bottoms with white stars. It looked like a fancy bathing suit, and it was gorgeous – even if the heels on her boots weren’t practical. The first one I envision is one of the earliest incarnations in the comic books. It was similar except the bottoms were a little longer. It looked more comfortable to me.

Pants would probably be even more comfy as long as they were flexible enough to allow Wonder Woman to move. Remember NBC’s initial design for Wonder Woman’s costume for the series that didn’t go anywhere? Those pants were hideous. But this design by Rahzzah is gorgeous and practical – right down to the short hairdo. It shows a superhero who is ready for battle. The armor could be a little unwieldy, but folks have been figuring out how to move with that stuff for years. I like this fierce look.

(TMS via io9)


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