This Warhammer-Inspired Stained Glass “Abbey” Cosplay Truly Shines

warhammer close

I have to thank Galacticat for bringing this incredible Warhammer-inspired Stained Glass “Abbey” cosplay by Paige Gardner of Costume Art to my attention.

Gardner has a love of SteamPunk and says that she creates “costumes with the minimum of skill, talent and resources and the maximum of enthusiasm, confidence and tenacity.” Well, Paige, I beg to differ. This type of work takes a lot of skill and talent.

Head after the break to see more pictures of this stunning cosplay.

warhammer abbey

warhammer abbey 3

warhammer abbey 2

Photography by LynxPics, COTC Photography, and Richard Lamarre.

Send your cosplay pics to

You can see more of the build on her Facebook page.


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