This Valkyrie Cosplay Is All About The Metal

Valkyrie cosplay 1

When costumes have metal components, cosplayers usually opt for a more lightweight material and paint that material to make it look like metal. Worbla and craft foam are popular choices. Maid of Might Cosplay didn’t go that route with her stunning Valkyrie costume though. The armor is metal that was welded together and polished. It’s clear that it’s actual metal because it’s hard to get other surfaces to shine in the same way. She gets my compliments for doing that because it means the armor is heavy and can’t be terribly comfortable to wear.

Photos by Manny Llanura Photography.

More of the series after the break.

Valkyrie cosplay 2

Valkyrie cosplay 3

Valkyrie cosplay 4

Valkyrie cosplay 5

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