This Pokèmon Cosplay Just Set A New Bar Of Awesome

pokemon cosplay a

We’ve seen people cosplay Pokèmon and we’ve seen people play Pokemon trainers, but this cosplay by 4 Itchy Tasty Cosplay at Anime Expo pairs the trainers with their Pokèmon as puppets and it’s pretty much perfection.

In addition to being one of the cosplayers, Brett Horn created the puppets which are built to mimic the Pokèmon they’re based on.

They were definitely a hit at Anime Expo and I’m thinking they’ll be out again given how popular this cosplay was.

You can check out more pictures and a video of the puppets in action after the break…

pokemon cosplay 1

pokemon cosplay 2

pokemon cosplay 3

pokemon cosplay 4

pokemon cosplay 5

pokemon cosplay 6

pokemon cosplay 7

pokemon cosplay b

Pokemon gif from video by PWNEDCAST.

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