This Delightful Middle-Aged Man Likes To Cosplay As a Japanese Schoolgirl

sailor suit old man 3

Many people embrace different personalities on weekends; that’s nothing new or different. Hideaki Kobayashi takes it a step further though – he dresses as a Japanese schoolgirl. Known as Sailor Suit Old Man or Sailor Uncle, he’s been spotted around Tokyo. IT Media caught up with him and asked why he does it:

“That’s a difficult question,” said Kobayashi. “It’s not really something I’ve thought too deeply about. Hrm. I guess it’s because sailor suits look good on me?”

Hey, if it works for him. Other people take notice, too. People constantly ask for photos with him while he’s in costume (also, he’s a cosplay photographer). Whatever makes you happy, sir.

See a few more photos and an amusing video after the break.

sailor suit old man 1

sailor suit old man 2

sailor suit old man 4

(It Media via Kotaku)


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