This Little Scylla Cosplay From Smite Is Terrifyingly Cute

scylla cosplay

I had to read up on this cosplay and, now that I have, I’m even more in love with it. Meet Scylla. Scylla is one of the playable gods from Smite: The Game.

Scylla, they call her, Horror of the Sea. No ship that dares sail in her waters goes unscathed. Those that cling to survival whisper panicked tales of enormous black tentacles tipped with slavering hound heads ravaging whole ships to splinters with pitiless precision. Though it’s her laughter, they say, that’s most horrible; child-like, delighting in blood soaked murder as men are dragged into the dark abyss.

This little Scylla won best female cosplay at the Smite World Championship where the winning team of gamers takes home $1.3 million. I guess I need to expand my games knowledge.

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