This Little Girl Attends School Dressed As Different Historical Figures And She Is My Hero

Meet Stella Ehrhart, age 8. She puts together her outfits for school each day based on inspiration mostly from her book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century but also from other sources. She has worn a different costume to school every day for a year. She has portrayed influential people such as Billie Holiday, Princess Grace, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Elvis Costello, and many more. Her parents and teachers support her creative outfits.

The clothes typically blend right in with everyday apparel, so it’s not like she’s drawing attention to herself – no superhero suits for example. She’s just dressing like people she admires, and sometimes those around her learn from it.

Stella’s costumes prompt classroom discussion, some copycatting and further creativity. When she dressed as Rosa Parks, she and her classmates devised a play and designated different people as the bus driver and other bus passengers.

Like I said: awesome.

(Omaha via The Mary Sue)


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