This Lara Croft Costume Has All The Details Just Right

Lara Croft cosplay 1

When people cosplay Lara Croft they usually go for fresh out of the shower, hasn’t raided any tombs yet today look. Their costumes are clean and free of dirt, and their Lara Croft has neat hair and a lack of wounds. I like that version of the costume, but I love seeing a battle damaged interpretation. Cosplayer Tarah-Rex did a wonderful job with the outfit, the props, and especially the makeup. Her Lara Croft has obviously been busy kicking butt.

Cosplayed by Tarah-Rex and photgraphed by Shaylene Hebert.

See more great pics after the break.

Lara Croft cosplay 2

Lara Croft cosplay 3

Lara Croft cosplay 4

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