This Is The Star Wars Sandtrooper Helmet You’re Looking For

I keep trying to figure out what I want to write about the Star Wars Sandtrooper Helmet Precision Cast Replica by EFx and I keep getting distracted when I look at it. There’s something about the tint of the eye lenses and the scoring of the sand that just has me mesmerized.

Which is why I have a problem. Because I really am trying to write something informative and useful and all I keep thinking is..”Mmmm…shiny, sexy helmet.”

I mean, who’s gonna take me seriously? I’m supposed to be talking about the fact that this is a full scale replica, limited to 1000 worldwide and all that informative stuff, when I keep staring at it and hearing “These aren’t the droimds we’re looking for. Move along. *click* Move along.”

Can we just pretend I said something informative? 😉

Product Page ($169)


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