This Is The Best Rule 63 Ariel Cosplay Under The Sea Or Anywhere Else

rule 63 ariel 1

Andre Clarke just made Ariel the Little Mermaid much, much cooler. He dressed as the beloved Disney character for Halloween and completely nailed it. He bought the mermaid scale leggings on Etsy and had a friend craft the wig for him. He made everything else using found objects including a Flounder fanny pack! He explains:

Everything else I created from found objects including shell shield armor comprised of craft foam and a net to hold my collection of land objects. At the last minute I also fashioned a Flounder fanny pack using craft foam and acrylic paint.

You, sir, win. I am especially in love with the fanny pack.

Check out two more pictures of this rad costume after the break.


rule 63 ariel 2

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