This Is How You Pair Shoulder Armor With A Dainty Corset


Armor goes with anything – the above image proves it. I can’t get over how beautifully the delicate blue corsage (almost a corset but with plastic boning) goes with the intense armor. They are in direct contrast to each other as far as colors and texture, but it works. Tell me that’s not sexy.

I just purchased shoulder armor of my own at a renaissance faire last weekend, and when someone pointed out this piece and others by Pinkabsinthe, I began to see all the possibilities. The artist makes the armor from real cow leather and hand paints the pieces to look like metal. They look bad-ass and make a statement of strength. I’m drooling over them.

Check out more of her gorgeous work after the break.

armor 2

armor 3

armor 4

(Pink Absinthe via Twitter)


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