This Harley Quinn Cosplayer Isn’t Afraid Of Pulling A Few Funnies [Cosplay]


Harley Quinn does whatever she can to please her beloved puddin’. If that means she has to rob a bank, fight Batman, or take on the entire Gotham City Police Department all on her own, she’ll do it—and she’ll make a gag out of the whole thing too. In short, Harley is one insanely fun character, and cosplayer Bethany Robinson totally gets it.

Bethany told us that Harley is one of her favorite characters to cosplay, and she passed us a few pics of her latest outfit. As you can see from the image above, Harley loves a good photobomb.

Check out Bethany’s pics after the break…



The following images are by Elizabeth Mace Giosia:

Group005 copy

Group006 copy

Poison Ivy cosplayed by Kiri Callaghan.

Thanks for sending your pics, Bethany! Send your cosplay shots to


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