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This Guy Is Making A 3D Printed Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit With Built In Wi-Fi


Gone are the days of traditional cosplay creation. The beautifully handcrafted labor required for sewing every stitch, every button, and every piece of lace is now an ancient art. The painstaking passion which gracefully drips from every pore whilst fabricating layer upon layer of armor; a mere memory. Because now you can just print that sh*t!

James Bruton is the evil genius who has enslaved his 3D printers to create an unbelievable Iron Man Hulkbuster suit. With 23 YouTube videos and counting, Bruton is able to show his growing fan base this masterpiece unfold step by step. And with the Hulkbuster appearing in the next Avengers movie, his timing couldn’t be better.

Check out more details and his latest video after the break.

Building robots since 2004, Bruton is an expert in CAD and used it to sketch his initial concepts which include the following:

  • All of the joints lock in place so it will free-stand
  • The ‘toe’ of the suit will be hinged and sprung so that walking without flat feet can occur
  • The arms are suspended from the overhead gantry and also tethered to other points on the torso so they hang naturally
  • The frame is covered with body panels which hinge open and closed to surround the wearer.

In true Tony Stark style, Bruton decided to enable the suit to have a WiFi hotspot as well as smartphone and tablet controls. I cannot impress upon enough this man’s brilliance here. (Guys, my toaster broke today and I went online to see if I could pan cook bread. I can’t do anything!)

Most of the suit is printed using Nylon 3D printer filament which allows for maximum mobility when affixed to the foam under core. The work that just went into the chest plate is massive. From concept to execution, Bruton’s skills for design and engineering are impressive.

After speaking with him today, Bruton explained that his “aspirations are to build XRobots into a content production brand & publishing company funded by the people who really want to watch the content. I have goals and rewards for doing so over on my Patreon Campaign page.


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