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This “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Groot Cosplay Is Going To Be Spectacular


We so often see the finished product of amazing cosplay that it’s easy to forget all of the effort that goes into making it look so good. That’s the case with this incredible work-in-progress cosplay of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Holy groot balls, we did it, 2 of us, 400lb approx of 5’5 groot leg mould.
i have sore hands, i am bruised, bleeding and my back and knees hate me. But thanks to my partner in crime Lauren we are past the mould stage of being worried. Granted it is not the prettiest of moulds, but i am severely on the clock now, and time waits for no man. anyway, here is the destruction of our apartment ( yes for those who may not know this is all being build in a 1 bedroom apartment, well what was the dining/living room )

This comes from Hurleyfx who is, probably this very second, working on the costume for this year’s Dragon Con. There are some gorgeous pieces here with a truly amazing level of detail. If it looks this good now, we can only imagine how good it’ll look all finished up at the con.

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