This Gotham Bunnies Cosplay Gives A New Meaning To Being Bad


We featured Skirts and Swords when they did their Sailor Moon Biker Gang Cosplay and we’re glad to be able to do it again with this new Gotham Bunnies cosplay inspired by the art of Oskar Vega.

Hugh Hefner never had it so good.

Head after the break to see their unique take on some of our favorite Batman Villains.

Photographer / Bat Hef: Greg De Stefano

The Joker – Yume Ninja

Mr Freeze – Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen

Poison Ivy – Mandie

Catwoman – Chloe Dykstra,

The Penguin – Selina Zawacki

The Riddler – Ruby Rocket

Harley – Jynx

Two Face – Chrissa Sparkles

Scarecrow – Jenny

Skirts & Swords is the Los Angeles-based brainchild of Mandie, Michelle, and Yume. With their powers combined, they’re making their obsessions a reality with their collaborations on multi media projects such as photoshoots, videos, cosplaying, and showcasing fun events.

Skirts & Swords is brought to you by some badass geek women who like cosplay, weapons, and nerd raging on the internet gracefully. Growing up doesn’t mean you have to stop being geeky.

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