This Girl Could Pass As Elsa’s Twin Sister [Cosplay]

Elsa lookalike 1

You don’t need to go to Arendelle to visit Frozen’s Queen Elsa, just hang around Florida. Besides the cast members that portray the icy queen at Disney Parks, there’s Anna Faith Carlson. The model looks a remarkable amount like Elsa, and her popularity took off when her mom took a photo of her next to a cardboard standee of Elsa at a mall. Carlson is now donning an Elsa costume to entertain kids and visit ill people in the hospital.

See more photos highlighting the resemblance after the break.

Elsa lookalike 2

Elsa lookalike 3

She even wore her Elsa dress to her prom:

Elsa lookalike 4

Elsa lookalike 5

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