ThinkGeek Reacts To Jayne’s Hat Outrage With Charitable Donation


If you checked in with us yesterday, you probably read about the uproar over the new Jayne’s Hat being sold at ThinkGeek. The problem isn’t the hat itself, but the fact that creating an officially licensed product allows Fox to send cease and desist letters to all those Etsy sellers who were knitting the hats. The Browncoats of the world did not approve and ThinkGeek took action.

Browncoats, we hear your concerns about the cease and desist on Etsy Jayne Hat sellers!

We weren’t involved in that process, but we have reached out to FOX and we’ve heard what you’ve had to say. As a result, we’ve decided to donate the profits from all Jayne Hat sales on our site to Can’t Stop the Serenity, a Browncoat charity dear to ThinkGeek’s heart that raises funds and awareness in support of Equality Now. We’ll continue making that donation until we run out of stock.

We hope the Hero of Canton himself would approve.

Score one for fans making themselves heard, and for a company listening and doing something to make things right.

Product Page ($24.99)


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