These Kids Make The Most Adorable Link And Zelda Ever [Cosplay]

zelda kids cosplay

Link and Zelda just traveled back to their childhoods, and they look ridiculously precious. Siblings Aidan and Aeris look amazing as the duo from Legend of Zelda. They’re lucky enough to have the whole package: Stefanie (presumably their mom) made the Zelda costume by hand and upgraded the Link costume, and she was able to take photos that make the kids look like they just stumbled out of the video game. I bet they’d be able to stop all villains with their cuteness.

Costumes made and photographed by Stefanie Newcomb.

More of the series after the break.

link zelda cosplay 1

link and zelda 2

See many more pics at Stefanie’s site.

(via Cheezburger)


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