There’s a Huge “Battlestar Galactica” LARP That Might Be Coming To The U.S. [Video]

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LARPing generally brings to mind people running around a forest in medieval garb pretending to be knights and wizards, but this one is entirely different. The Celestra LARP is based off of the sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica and instead of taking place in a forest, the setting was a retired
Cold War era destroyer.

The story for The Monitor Celestra LARP focuses on a ship called the Celestra which has been separated from the rest of the fleet. Everyone must work together to stay alive and figure out who is a Cylon and who is human. It looks incredibly intense, just like the show.

The LARP was created by a team of designers and writers who came up with 140 new characters for the story. It was then held in Sweden over three weekends at a cost of $160,000. The results were very different each time with one ending in a surrender to Cylon agents, a second resulting in ethnic cleansing, and a third ending with the ship exploding. After their success in Sweden, plans are underway to bring the LARP to US shores.

The project will tentatively “launch” in some form in 2014, but the team still hasn’t decided where to hold the game or how to fund it. Besides a small grant-funded stipend for Dolk, the original Monitor Celestra was paid for by participants; this time, the team has also considered attempting to get help from the show’s owners themselves. The game hasn’t been officially licensed, but Ericsson doesn’t think this will be a problem — especially because Moore and others are clearly already aware of it. “Anyone can cosplay as Starbuck, there’s no copyright issue there,” he says. “We’re really doing the same thing on a large scale.”

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If you’re interested in being a part of Monitor Celestra, check out their blog where you can sign up for the newsletter and get regular updates as the project progresses.

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