The World Cosplay Summit Crown Goes To Russia [Video]

world cosplay summit 1

The World Cosplay Summit has been around since 2003. It’s a cosplay competition that’s set up like a sporting event in that teams compete in their own countries and go through rounds of elimination before being sent to the Summit as the country’s two cosplay representatives.

It’s an elaborate, traveling event like a pageant. Over one week, representatives and contestants in the Summit travel through different cities in Japan to put on a parade and compete.

Out of 26 countries this year, Russia took home first place with Nek and Nichi dressed as Link and Puppet Zelda.

See photos and a video from the competition after the break.

world cosplay summit 2

world cosplay summit 3

world cosplay summit 4

world cosplay summit 5

world cosplay summit 6

(via Escapist Magazine)


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