The Winner Of This Blizzard Cosplay Contest Drops A Rare Mount

anzu cosplay 1

Blizzard held their annual cosplay contest at China Digital Entertainment Expo also known as China Joy this year and the winner wasn’t a night elf or a dwarf or an Orc.

This year’s winner was a cosplay of Raven Lord Anzu and, given how many times I’ve been through Setthek Halls to kill this mob for the mount (no, I don’t have it yet), I can tell you that this is an incredibly spot on cosplay.

It was made by hand and cosplayed by Chinese cosplayer Zhang Lu who, as the winner of the China competition, now has the chance to cosplay at Blizzcon later this year.

Head after the break for more pictures.

anzu cosplay 2

anzu cosplay 3

anzu cosplay 5

anzu cosplay 6

anzu cosplay 8

anzu cosplay

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