The IKEA Product Look-Alike Contest Is As Amazing As It Sounds [Cosplay]

ikea cosplay 1

Mega furniture store IKEA is a cosplayer friendly place. You can find cheap LEDs and miscellaneous items to use in costumes or simply peruse the vast number of storage options the store offers. IKEA Malaysia took it to another level by hosting an IKEA product look-alike contest. Yes, it’s IKEA cosplay. That means entrants dressed like lamps, clocks, plushies, and alarm clocks—it’s hilarious. I love the creativity on display in photos of the 21 winners.

The prizes? Gift cards for IKEA. Of course.

More terrific entries after the break.

ikea cosplay 2

ikea cosplay 3

ikea cosplay 4

ikea cosplay 5

ikea cosplay 6

ikea cosplay 7

ikea cosplay 8

ikea cosplay 9

ikea cosplay 10

(RocketNews24 via Neatorama)


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