The Creepiest Things Ever Said To Cosplayers

creepy cosplay 2

Cosplayers hear it all; they receive compliments and derogatory remarks. Even though campaigns such as cosplay does not equal consent are making an impression, convention attendees in costumes are still on the receiving end of harassment. Buzzfeed took a dry erase board to New York Comic Con and asked cosplayers to write down the creepiest thing that’s been said to them while in costume. The answers will make you want to punch people.

I admire these cosplayers for speaking up and their “not amused” expressions in the photos say so much.

Check out a few more examples after the break.

cosplay massage

cosplay shirt

creepy cosplay 1

creepy cosplay 3

creepy cosplay 4

creepy cosplay 5

Check out more photos on Buzzfeed.


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