The Best Of Your Halloween Cosplay Submissions [Round 1]


First off, thank you so much for sharing your Halloween cosplay with us! We got a lot of great submissions, but we’ve chosen our favorites to add to a series of galleries spread out over the next day or two.

Check out Round 1 after the break and make sure to send your Halloween cosplay pics to if you haven’t already. There’s still time to get in on the later rounds!

Top pic is Snow White Wolverine by Chad Verigin.

photo 3

Bathorse by Victoria J. Ryan.


Sailor X-Men (and regular Wolverine) by Kimberly Graesser and family.


Hunter Gathers and Sgt Hatred Venture Bros. cosplay by Andrew and Jamie Lee Boo.

spirited away

No-Face from Spirited Away by Cassandra Nguyen.


Cheetara by Amy Whatley-Hobbs (wig by John of Carey Creations)

hello kitty

Sexy Hello Kitty by Chaka Cumberbatch.

horse head fisherman

Wacky horse head fisherman cosplay (based on this photo) by Wendy Mays.


Walking Dead zombie (comic book edition) by megevhan.

adventure time

Adventure Time cosplay from the Foss family.

Halloween 2013

Medieval Batman and Superman by Kyong Kim.


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