The Amazing Iron Fett Helmet For Make-A-Wish

Iron Man and Boba Fett. Just think about that pairing for a minute. They’re both awesome characters with very cool armor. When Alex Alva decided to participate in the As You Wish Helmet project he chose to mash the two characters up in his design:

Obviously, Iron Man was the inspiration, but the real inspiration came from meeting Stan Lee at Comic Con in Dallas. I am a huge Spider-Man fan, but in talking with Stan and listening to his passion for Iron Man and his excitement about the Avengers movie, I was inspired to focus on Iron Man more than Spider-Man.

This helmet isn’t all about looks either. It was created for a good cause. Iron Fett, along with 49 other helmet designs, will be on display at Star Wars Celebration VI next week in Orlando. It will go up for auction on eBay on Thursday, 8/23, and all proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish.

See more photos of the helmet after the break.

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(The Dented Helmet via As You Wish Helmet Project)


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