The 10-Foot Flamethrowing Bumblebee Costume You Never Knew You Wanted Is For Sale

How would you like to be a gigantic, flamethrowing Bumblebee for Halloween? If you live near Phoenix, Arizona and have a substantial stack of cash, you could actually make this happen.

Etsy seller AZ Costumes has a 9.5′ version of the Transformer costume available for sale. It only has seven pieces (so there’s not a ton of parts to keep track of), it’s built on a wood frame with foam and latex paint, it has LED lights and working headlights, and it even comes with a working and “very safe” flamethrower. Wow.

The seller helpfully points out that you could make money by wearing this costume to birthday parties, business events, etc. I wonder how long it would be before you get a return on your investment though. It does cost $9000 after all.

Check out a few more pics of this impressive costume after the break.

Product Page ($9,000 via Technabob)


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