Tardimus Prime And Doctor Whoom [Cosplay]

Tardimus Prime & Doctor Whoom 2

This is cosplayer Sebastien Nguyen who cosplays as ThatGuyYouKnow and he thinks the TARDIS really should be able to transform. He’s a big fan of Transformers and Doctor Who so he decided to combine the two in one fantastic costume. It’s made out of foam floor mats and took about three weeks to build. Absolutely brilliant.

Naturally, Tardimus Prime is accompanied by Doctor Whoom cosplayed by MrNikochu.

Photos by The Will Box.

See more pics and a video of after the break…

Tardimus Prime & Doctor Whoom

Tardimus Prime & Doctor Whoom 3

Doctor Whoom

Thanks for the tip Sebastien! Send yours to tips@fashionablygeek.com.


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