Take “Attack On Titan” Cosplay To The Next Level With This Impressive Replica Gear

attack on titan 1

Ready to gear up and face monsters like the humans in Attack on Titan? Then you’ll need your own set of Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. It comes with all sorts of handy tools like grapple-hooks and a propeller, and the gear has the added bonus of looking cool. Movic has a life-size replica available for pre-order, and the prop looks pretty spot-on.

It’s made from aluminum, resin, and silicone. It’s not for the weak since it weighs 22 pounds, but you could probably wear it with your Titans cosplay for a little while – at least long enough for photos. The gear will be ready to ship in Japan in January.

More pics of the rad gear after the break.

attack on titan 2

attack on titan 3

attack on titan 4

Remember: don’t try to use the gear to actually fly.

Product Page ($940 via Kotaku, photos via @3go5pb)


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