This Catsuit Is Full Of Jurassic Rage


A giant t-rex is roaring out of this catsuit, and I think even the model is scared. Etsy shop Pokosha explains the level of awesomeness best:

“T-rex humor may be cute but there’s nothing adorable about the bloody jaws on this dinosaur catsuit! And, unlike T-rex and his limitations, we guarantee this suit will move the way you do! It’s smooth and shiny fabric feels silkier than freshly waxed legs and gives you the freeing sensation like you’re wearing nothing at all. Once you experience how smooth the fabric feels and how flattering the fit is you’ll never want to take it off…”

It’s like you’re wearing nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all.

Stupid sexy t-rex!

Check out the action shot after the break.


Product Page (Currently Sold Out. Inquire About Custom Ordering)


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