Super Dad Couldn’t Find A Ms. Marvel Costume For His Daughter, So He Made One

ms marvel costume

This adorable little girl was so excited when she got invited to a superhero themed birthday party, until she realized the limited selection of hero fashion in her size. Costumes like Spider-Girl, Captain America, pink Spider-Girl were the only ones on ther shelves, and they just wouldn’t do. So her awesome Dad broke out a sewing machine and made her a fabulous Kamala Khan outfit.

On his tumblr page, Captain Milkshake (I’m am dying that’s so funny!) wrote an open letter to Marvel explaining how he made the costume and even included prices. He then goes on to appeal for more female-inclusive merchandise, something we’ve been hearing a lot about lately.

“When it finally came together, my little one fell in love with it. With hindsight, I’m glad I made it over buying one already put together, but I write this not as a rant but as a plea to make merch more girl inclusive. Ms. Marvel is an incredible concept who empowers a multi-cultural demographic and to be honest, this needs to be pushed harder!!!”

Well done Captain Milkshake. Check out the awesome full costume image after the break.


ms marvel 2

(A.V. Club via Robot 6)


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