Study Claims 47 Percent Of Trekkies Find Cosplayers Are “Deviant”

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A survey of 5041 Star Trek fans by a Cal State Anthropology Professor in 2010 has uncovered some Star Trek cultural bombshells. For one thing, 57% of the fans were female and 79% claimed they were Star Trek fans because they agreed with the philosophical ideals of the show.

The respondents were also mostly over 40, single and well-educated. Well, that part isn’t all that shocking.

However, one of the more interesting aspects of the study dealt with behavior that Trekkies believed to be “deviant.” Those behaviors are broken down as follows:

Unable to tell reality from fantasy (89%); considers Star Trek “their whole world” (67%); indulging in cosplay (47%); referring to oneself as a character name or taking on a “rank” (39%); producing fan films (13%); playing in themed music bands (4%).

Man, cosplay came in ahead of referring to oneself as Captain Kirk? That’s a bunch of crap. There’s only one kind of Star Trek cosplay that’s deviant, and you can see it right here.

(MTV Geek via blastr/Image via Costume Fail)


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