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Smart Steampunk Dalek Cosplay

You might not think of knee-high boots and a skirt when you imagine a Dalek costume but as this outfit proves, it works. The overall design of the clothes captures the Dalek basics, and it comes with electronics that power the lights and alters the wearer’s voice to match that of the creepy creatures. Mark Dumont writes:

Electronics are contained in box at back waist containing arduino uno, 2 nine volt batteries, and small amp. Speakers are in ends of tube around neck and mic is on an earpiece. Arduino board powers eye stalk and dome lights as well as handles dalek voice modulation. I found the arduino sketch (source and circuit diagrams) can be found here.

Daleks should consider this look; their victims would be too busy looking twice to notice they’re being exterminated.

(Mark Dumont via Boing Boing)


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