This Starbucks Barista Looks Like A Real-Life Anime Character


Imagine walking into your local Starbucks and having an anime character take your order. Meet Jordan. Jordan’s been a barista in Michigan for the last 10 years and was recently featured on the Starbucks Partners Instagram account.

Jordan also looks like an anime character. Or a character in a Final Fantasy game. Like, for real.

There are a few pictures that made me look more than twice.Luckily, I found Jordan’s Instagram account, so I thought I’d show you a few more pictures of this amine and cosplay-loving barista that you can check out below.

Meet Jordan, from Michigan. I’ve been making coffee since I can remember. Even after ten years, I still haven’t grown tired of it. I adore this job; from the variety of people I get the chance to meet and connect with, to coming home smelling like coffee after every close. I’ve officially been a partner for 3 years, and prior to that I worked at a licensed store for 7 years. Ten years in the coffee business has evolved into me drinking nothing but straight up, black coffee. Any coffee will do, but dark roasts are my favorite, with Komodo Dragon at the top of the list. Last week, my store got relocated to a beautiful newly-built store. It for sure took some getting used to, but our team adjusted quickly and within a few days, soared past our old profit. The drive-thru, Clover, and Reserve coffees are bringing in lots of new regulars we did not have before. My superpower? Shape-shifting. I cosplay in my free time, so I thought this was very fitting. For those of you who don’t know, cosplay = costume play. For moments of time I get to be someone or something I am normally not, almost like acting. I wear the costumes I create to conventions, as well as model for photo shoots. I transform myself into a character I adore, and momentarily am perceived as that character by others. Much like Starbucks, cosplay has been extremely important in my life. I’ve met most of my friends via this hobby, and come to find out, a lot of them are Starbucks partners as well!

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Sad anime youth

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