This ‘Star Wars’ Bazine Netal Cosplayer Is Dressed To Kill


Bazine Netal is one of the more interesting characters in the Star Wars universe. I suggest you read Delilah S. Dawson’s The Perfect Weapon for her really cool backstory.

She also has a really cool outfit.

On that note, cosplayer Anna Vikmanis has created a killer Bazine Netal cosplay. (Seriously, watch the nails).

She also shared another Star Wars cosplay for her first day at Star Wars Celebration, so I tucked that in at the end.

Gettin' pretty fricken tired of all the needles =_= I'm surprised I haven't stained any blood on my fabric! ?

A photo posted by Anna Vikmanis (@nerdyanna) on

Closer and closer *_* #bazinenetal #swce #starwars #starwarsnerd #nerd #nerdgirl #cosplay #cosplayworkshop

A photo posted by Anna Vikmanis (@nerdyanna) on

(via Galactic Fashion)


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