This Human-Sized Spider Costume Is Too Freakin’ Real


Okay, this is just…this is too much. I’d personally like to know who at Tentacle Studio thought selling this realistic, GIANT SPIDER costume was a good idea. I mean, come ON. If someone wore this to a party I was at, I’d be out the door so fast your head would spin.

For some, this might be the best Halloween costume ever. But don’t be surprised if you end up extra crispy after someone freaks out and decides to “KILL IT WITH FIRE”.

This realistic spider costume is the original long-legged beastie, closely based upon a real wolf spider. In addition, this very special spider costume has a crimson tongue which flicks out unexpectedly, and there’s a built-in realtime electronic voice changer in the head, with several different voice options, from a high-pitched squeak to a low, menacing growl.

We pay great attention to the authentic spidery details, and the spider costume is created using slightly flexible polymer foam and mottled realistic faux fur peeking out between the leg joints, just like a real spider.

It’s also $3,811.76, so you have to be rich AND crazy to wear it. Take a look at the costume in all its glory below.




(via Laughing Squid)


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