This Is How Women’s Fantasy Armor Should Look

It may not be 100% practical, but Melissa Ng‘s 3D-printed “Sovereign Armor” is certainly far more realistic than bounding half naked into battle in a chainmail bikini. Still, it manages to look both badass and properly fanciful thanks to the embedded LEDs. Adam Savage is clearly a fan:

You may recognize Melissa Ng’s style from the amazing armor that Felicia Day modeled last year. Amazingly, this example weighs only eight pounds.

“I also know I’ve only recently started familiarizing myself with the cosplay community”, she writes. “But after studying up a bit on armor, it got me wondering how awesome it could be to see more cosplayers transform some of their favorite female character’s (impractical) armor designs into something more functional.”

Not surprisingly, the attention that this armor has generated has been a bit overwhelming (to her website). However, if you’re interested in contacting Melissa about her work, Adam Savage has the details:

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